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Project: Animation for Paris Airshow 2023

Timeframe: Production in 8 days/Show in 10 days

Product: Actuator Seals


Parker Hannifin and Parker Aerospace are regular participants in the world-renowned Paris and Farnborough Airshow. With substantial investments in exhibition booths, timely delivery is crucial. For a recent project, we were challenged to work with just a visual image of the Actuator Seals, as there was not enough time to obtain the original CAD files.


Our team quickly reconstructed the 3D CAD models using the provided reference images. Collaborating closely with the client, we simultaneously developed a compelling storyboard and progressed with asset production and animation setup. Leveraging our extensive 3D asset library, we identified and modified an aircraft model that fit the project's needs. The final animation was rendered using four dedicated computers operating continuously, allowing us to complete the editing process and deliver the project on schedule.

Case Study

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