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UIUX Design


A UI/UX graphic interface is the visual and interactive component of a digital product that shapes the user experience. UI (User Interface) focuses on the design elements users interact with, such as buttons, icons, and menus, ensuring they are visually appealing and intuitively arranged. UX (User Experience) emphasizes the overall feel of the interaction, aiming to provide a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable journey for the user. Together, UI and UX design create a cohesive interface that not only looks good but also functions effectively, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

Vector based animated  Graphics with JavaScript

file size: 0.85 MB

Global Environmental Products

Touch Screen Interface for Hybrid Electric Street Sweeper
Code based SVG with Animation for System Controllers.


The display simulations below are actual JavaScript animated used for the controller software. Some motions are a simulation of the way the system will display it.

System Simulation

Rear Camera View

Service: Thermal Management

Charging Control

Service: Power Management

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